About Us

Trinity Magnolia Printers (Trinity Magnolia) is a printing company in Nairobi, Kenya that has been providing secure and confidential print services since 2018. We work closely with our clients by ensuring we understand their individual challenges and use our expertise to determine the most appropriate specification and method of production to provide the best print solutions. We have the necessary technical, financial and production capacity and capability to meet our client’s needs.
By adopting a partnership approach, we have established mutual beneficial relationships with our suppliers based overseas and continue to maintain a high level of efficiency with regard to product delivery thereby providing cost effective solutions to our clients.

Certified Security Company


Trinity Magnolia has been certified by the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA). We have procedures in place to protect the security and integrity of goods handled and produced, whether confidential or secure documents.

The certification provides security printers with well-established criteria to implement the most efficient and secure management system and to certify their compliance to the criteria through a precise auditing process.

Our Organizational Competencies:

  • Handling all our client’s product request promptly.
  • Providing quality and cost effective products that meet our client’s corporate needs.
  • Going the extra mile to meet and/or exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Providing all relevant information necessary for our client’s decision making process.
  • Professional and competent staff
  • Securing our client’s privacy and information with utmost confidentiality.

Industry Sectors

Educational (Tertiary Institutions,
Examinations and Awarding Bodies)

Commercial and Retail

Banking and Financial

National and County

Agriculture Sector

Services and Consultancy